Anthoney H.@Germany
" Fortunately, we got our Comate e-bikes, it’s amazing to ride the bike anywhere you want, makes commuting around the city so joyful."
  • Daria Becker@Germany
    " It gives me the sense of security, from both mechanical and electrical, my bike is just following my intention and under fully control, and it’s so quiet and smooth."
  • Brendan K.@U.S.
    " It is an amazing comfortable ride, just enjoy the feeling on the bike."
  • Lukas Weber@Italy
    " I am finding a lightweight e-bike which can support for ~100km, so I can ride with friends for a long range trekking, here it is - the Comate CT Pro, everything I want is just here."
  • Romy Schneider@Austria
    " The unique and stylish design is so attractive, and I also like the natural acceleration of course."
  • Dolores M. @Netherlands
    " Amazing riding experience, even better than my current ebike at much higher price ."
  • Flavie Lemaire@France
    " It’s so comfortable and convenient for my daily commuting, and I like the fancy design so much!"