Integrated in our business and deeply rooted in our mind.
Moving towards a sustainable future by contributing to sustainable transportation.

During our time, mobility is becoming more frequent and diversified, one of the main questions for modern society is how to combine mobility with the wellbeing of people and the planet as a whole. At Comate, we contribute by facilitating efficient and comfortable mobility with our e-bikes: reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions and pollution as a whole. As a sustainable business, we believe that we can grow in symbiosis with the planet and all that lives on it.

  • Our Goals

    With urbanisation increasing, research has shown that e-bikes has many advantages over the car and other modes: less noise, less congestion, lower emissions, and a more active and healthier lifestyle. That’s why the advent of the e-bike is transforming urban transportation, we seek to contribute to this transformation. 

    We aim to increase e-bike commuting tenfold by 2030 as compared to 2021, eventually surpassing the car as main mode of transport in urban areas: a healthy evolution for individuals, cities and the planet as a whole.

  • High Efficiency
    High Efficiency

    Everyone loses with traffic congestions. E-bikes save time and costs, making urban areas more efficient with lower resource consumption.

  • Healthy Life
    Healthy Life

    The regular use of an e-bike improves fitness and cardiovascular health, while also improving mental and emotional health as nature becomes more accessible.

  • Green City, Fresh Air
    Green City, Fresh Air

    With nearly 0 carbon emission, e-bikes are greatly improving the air quality of a city. Rather than breathing exhaust fumes, you will be able to smell the fresh air again.

  • Peace and Quiet
    Peace and Quiet

    One of the main reasons people move away from the city towards rural areas is peace and quiet, as cities are filled with the noise of engines and horns. E-bikes are changing this situation.

Six Missions
This is how we will achieve our goals.