Premium Quality and Worry-free Warranty

Dear Customers,

We appreciate your support and trust! It's very important to us that your Comate bike is in good condition and that you are satisfied with our products and services.

When you buy a Comate e-bike, your bike is covered by an extended manufacturer guarantee in addition to the legally required warranty. We offer a 5-year limited warranty period on all original components including battery, and an extended warranty of 10 years to the frame and fork of the bike. the bicycle components are guaranteed against manufacturing defects during the warranty period, except several conditions as listed below.


Exceptions uncovered by the warranty plan:

1, Tire, as tire is consumable part, even we select the tire with premium quality.

2, Saddle and grips, damaged by scratch or other kinds of foreign object damage.

3, Cosmetic issues, which are caused by avoidable collisions and other damages.

4, Intense crash, accidents and force majeure.

Request Process:

We try to keep the warranty request as simple as possible:

1, Provide your receipt or other purchase proof, with information of order no., model, vehicle serial number, purchase date.

2, Provide the text description of the issue, photos and videos will be helpful, send to us by email or online customer service.

3, With confirmation of the issue, we will deliver the spare parts to you as soon as we can from our warehouse in Netherlands.

4, Return the defective part to our warehouse for analysis and potential improvement, we will reimburse your shipping cost of the return.

Due to the long warranty period, the model you originally purchased may upgrade and the part to be replaced is possibly no longer available in the same colour or model, we may deliver a different colour or an upgrade to the successor model based on an agreement with you in advance.

We sincerely hope that our products and services bring you a happy experience, our warranty policy ensures you don’t have to worry!