Comfort All the Way
Everything for Comfort, Comfort for Everyone

We believe that comfort is the key to riding pleasure and health, that's why it is the starting point of Comate bikes.
Our bikes have a unique and impressive design, combining a fancy appearance with a joyful riding experience, smooth acceleration with imperceptible noise and vibration, and a long assisted range with a slim and lightweight battery. 
Sounds impossible? Discover in the three sections below how we did it and how we ensure a decade of comfy riding!

  • Frame Geometry - Riding Posture

    Having the right posture is fundamental to any activity you do and therefore also crucial for riding a bike. From long distance test drives and ergonomic analysis, we concluded that 70-80 degrees is the most optimal posture for commuting or trekking by e-bike. Based on these results, we designed the Model C, including CC and CT, giving you a comfortable and relaxed feeling with superb handling no matter the length of the ride.

  • Frame Geometry - Ride and Stop

    Ideally, the saddle needs to be adjusted so that the legs are slightly bent at the maximum extension, normally this forces a cyclist to dismount directly, or to stretch out his/her leg for a shaky balance with every stop. Comate e-bikes solve this issue though creative frame design, which reduces the vertical height of the saddle by approx. 35mm while the distance to the bottom bracket is kept the same. This allows you to unleash all your power on the bike, while also easily grounding your foot when you do need to stop.

  • Dynamic performance - Gear Ratio and Drivetrain

    Gear ratio is a controversial topic in single-speed bicycles, either compromise on the easy start or the right pedaling cadence at high speed. But thanks to Comate’s innovative power assistant, your departure is smooth and swift, reaching the maximum assisted speed of 25km/h with a comfortable cadence in about four seconds. Belt drive was introduced to bicycles years ago, with the advantages of being quiet, oil-free, low maintenance and conducive to design. We selected Gates Carbon Drive, which additionally offers superior durability and smoothness.

  • Dynamic Performance - Handling and Control

    Handling is an essential element to the riding pleasure, also balance between posture and effective control of the bike. Our handlebar and stem are re-designed for a robust control, further benefitted by the 69-degree angled head tube which brings more agility and easy steering. These aspects are designed in accordance with the golden 70/80 degree sitting posture, striking a perfect balance between comfort and agility, will enable you to enjoy the riding pleasure in an unsurpassed comfortable manner.

  • Dynamic Performance - Motor Power Interaction

    As the e-bike is a synthesis of human and motorised power, the configuration of the motor is key for a smooth and natural feeling of the ride. Through a responsive torque sensor and a smart ECU with predictive function, any slight movement on the pedals is accurately detected and compiled by the system to control the motor’s response appropriately, consistently and naturally. No need for extra effort cycling uphill or against the wind, enjoy your surroundings instead!

  • Dynamic Performance - Tire and Brake

    As the tire is the only part contacting with the ground in riding, optimal quality is crucial. We have chosen the Schwalbe Marathon 47-622 tyres for CT and CC models to provide better comfort and stability with excellent wear-resistance. Its profile will maintain excellent grip on any surface and you don’t have to worry about a flat tire due to the anti-puncture layer inside! The hydraulic disc brake system is ideal for e-bikes, allowing easy stops with less effort, ideal for challenging urban situations and off-road environments.

  • Dynamic Performance - Suspension Fork

    No matter what road you chose, a suspension fork improves handling and comfort by softening shocks from the road surfaces. In comparison to coil and mechanical suspensions, air suspension has the benefits of being lightweight, smooth, natural, quickly reacting, more precise and low maintenance. These aspects make it the best choice for the high-end bikes and e-bikes, including Comate Cruiser models.


  • Convenience - Range and Portable Battery

    Increasing the effective range of e-bikes means you charge the battery less frequently and consequently prolong the battery’s lifecycle. For Comate e-bikes, we selected the latest Samsung/LG 21700 cells which are also used for premium electric cars such as Tesla. We have optimized the range to a maximum of 150km with 360wh capacity battery by paring it with the high-efficiency drive system. This latest technology drastically decreases the size and thereby weight of the battery. Taking out the 2.1kg battery from the bike and charging it couldn’t be more convenient!

  • Convenience - Light Weight

    A light weight e-bike is not only good for maneuverability but also makes it easier to carry, for example: getting on and off trains, putting on and off the bike rack of your car, moving up and downstairs of the apartment or office, etc., all these are no longer an issue. Comate C models are unique with a range up to 150km and weighing only ~18kg. Even lighter is possible, but would come at the cost of other aspects above, including the range and robustness. That’s why we believe our models are balanced just right for your comfort.

  • More about Riding Comfort

    Besides all above, there are more factors that are important to riding comfort, such as: motor resistance at power outage, handlebar width, grip feel, saddle support, auto-lighting function and smart features.

    Moreover, the perception of overall comfort is a combination of inputs from various senses, for example: the visual comfort from elegant design and colour, functional comfort from versatility and extensibility, and tactile comfort from the carefully manufactured details and exquisite craftsmanship. 

    All the mentioned aspects are to be found in every Comate e-bikes.

  • E-bike instead of Bicycle or Motorcycle

    The riding comfort in this page refers in particular to an e-bike, normally means pedelec which always requires you to pedal before the motor kicks in, rather than a motorcycle or motorbike with a throttle, or a traditional bicycle.

    The different definitions and regulations make notable differences among the 2-wheeler vehicles in riding experiences, including the power source, sitting posture, weight and aerodynamics, drivetrain, the cadence of pedaling, etc., and we are just focusing on the riding comfort of e-bikes. 

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